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Specialist in
digital prosthesis


Screw-retained crowns, anatomical abutments and bars.

Modélisation sur les plus grandes marques d’après vos empreintes classiques ou numériques


Assistant prosthesis

Stéllites par CFAO, depuis vos empreintes classiques/numériques

Total prostheses


Joint prosthesis

Zirconia, metal-ceramic, E-MAX, printed FM, composites, inlays, crowns, bridges, etc.


Dear Doctors,

Your patients are increasingly demanding for their smiles: aesthetics, deadlines, your often overloaded schedules, you need to find quick and reliable answers, it’s a real challenge.

Service is at the heart of our work philosophy, a qualified and specialized team is mobilized on a daily basis to meet your expectations as closely as possible, we are constantly improving the organization and work procedures.

Digital technologies as well as new materials are revolutionizing the dental world, dental creation has for many years integrated these production tools such as machining, 3d printing or even the processing of digital impressions, solutions which make it possible to respond more quickly with consistent quality that meets your patients’ requirements.

President ,

Stéphane guillemin

The laboratory

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Notre laboratoire